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Vereinbarung über Nutzungsbedingungen für EMIDAS-Mitglied

* Article 1 (Application for the terms)
The terms apply to all of the members using the service 'EMIDAS factory search engine' that NC network("we") is providing. Members have to observe the terms to use the services, and the companies and members that would like to use the services have to agree the terms.
* Article 2 (Contents of the services)
  • The services enable you to register the information of your company or promote your order.
  • You should use the services under the terms of agreements that we set up.
  • To use the services, members prepare the eqipments, cummunication tools, etc. with your expenditures and responsibilities.
  • We may introduce the other services including the following services, and disclose the Information about the members using the services to the members that would like to use the other services, and we do not take on the responsibility for that.
* Article 3 (Membership qualification)
"Member" is the individual or a company that we approved, however there is sometimes an exception. (1) In the company's case, they must be the manufacture or trading company. (2) In the individual case, the person linked to an antisocial organization is not allowed. In the company's case, the representative or maneger must not have linked to an antisocial organization.
* Article 4 (Application for admission)
  • The company or individual that would like to use the services, they must apply for admission with the following processes: (1) Read the terms of agreements in details and then apply. (2) Submit the essential information to us to examine the application. (3) Submit the application on the format that we settle. (4) Register your accessable e-mail address. (5) Follow the other rules on the application that we settle.
  • We inform the result whether the application is approved or not to the applicant. At the examination, we may would like you to submit the additional information.
  • Applicants agree with that we may refer to the information you registered for credit agencies to examine.
  • We may reject an admission or registration in cases of the following events. We do not take on the responsibility for rejection. (1) Regist wrong or inaccurate information and neglect to update appropriate information. (2) Breach the terms or default in the performance of any obligation. (3) Petition or be Petitioned for bankruptcy, corporate reorganization, corporate consolidation, civil rehabilitation proceedings. (4) Breach of laws. (5) The purpose to use the services is improper.
* Article 5 (Indentification of member)
We give the passwords and the other essentials to use the services to each member.
* Article 6 (Duties and responsibilities of the member)
  • Members must not do the following actibities while using the services. (1) To use the services for illicit purposes or interfere with providing and/or using the services. (2) To tell untrue facts or to hide important facts. (3) To try to use or get the other members password or member lisence. (4) To impinge on patents, trademark, corporate privacy, copyright, etc. or permit these activities. (5) To Breach the confidence of others, honor, privacy right, image right, publicity right, the other rights. (6) To act in criminal ways and/or be offensive to public order and morals. (7) To breach the terms or laws.
  • Members should provide latest accurate information at this time.
  • You agree that you are responsible for managing and using password that we gave and do not damage us while using the services. You agree that using the password that we gave is your responsiblity. If damages are caused by using the password that we gave, you cover all of them regardless of anyone had been damaged.s
* Article 7 (Contact From us)
We basically contact with you by e-mail. E-mail address is the one thet you register on the application.
* Article 8 (Discontinue the services)
  • We may Stop/suspend/discontinue the Services without notice in the following cases: (1)To maintenance/check/edit systems or equipments periodically or urgently. (2)Systems or equipments are damaged by Fire, blackout and etc. (3)The services could not be kept providing due to earthquake, explosion, flood, tsunami, war, demonstration, and so on. (4)There is no choice to Stop/suspend/discontinue the services
  • We do not take on the responsibility for the problems caused by Stop/suspend/discontinue the services.
  • If the services Stop/suspend/discontinue due to 1 clause, We may take actions like extension of restart.
* Article 9 (Disclaimers)
  • You agree that you will solve the problem caused between you and the others with your responsibility and expense and you will not damage us.
  • We are not responsible for damage compensation for members with any circumstances.
* Article 10 (Copyright)
  • Copyright and the other rights in the services and the site are attributed to NC network except the information that you registered.
  • You are not allowed to use/restore/copy/sell the contents of the services and the site with any reasons without the agreement written by us.
* Article 11 (Usage of the information)
  • We have the right to disclose the result from statistics based on the information of you and the site without members agreements. And we pay great attention to the anybody can not identify the individual directly.
  • We basically protect the Information that you registered to the third party without your agreement. However, we judge that your action creates disadvantages for the other members or third party. In this case, we inform the information that you register to the third party or police or the related organization.
* Article 12 (withdrawal from membership)
  • If you would like to withdraw from the membership, you can do that by the withdrawal procedures we defined.
  • We may force you to withdraw without notice if the following events. (1) Breach the terms or default in the performance of any obligation. (2) The information you registered contains wrong or accurate one or you do not update the information that is incorrect. (3) Breach of laws. (4) The purpose to use the services is improper.
* Article 13 Discontinue/edit/etc. the services or the terms
  • We can edit or discontinue the part/all of the contents without your agreements.
  • We can add/edit a term or an agreement to the extent necessary to the services without your agreements.
  • NC network is not responsible for and makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the discontinue/edit of the services based on the terms create your disadvantages.
* Article 14 (Proper law and exclusive agreement jurisdiction court)
  • The Proper law of the terms is Japanese law.
  • If the conflict between you and us about the terms or the services, we set the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court.
Ocotober 2, 2000 Created
April 28, 2003 revised
September 1, 2003 revised
August 25, 2006 revised

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